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Keeping Up with Not-Paris Hilton

READY FOR HER CLOSE-UP Natalie Reid, Paris (inset)

For more than two weeks now, America’s streets have been shy one gallivanting, big-headed, lazy-eyed heiress. Lucky for us, Paris Hilton has a selfless stand-in willing to traipse about town in her stead.

Natalie Reid, whose chief talent is looking like someone who’s famous for doing nothing, is a former Scores stripper who first appeared on the scene in 2005 when she began participating in Paris look-alike contests. Now that she’s the preeminent faux-Paris—and conveniently not in prison—Reid is everywhere, soaking up as much spotlight as she can before her infamous doppelganger is set free.

After the jump, a timeline of not-Paris sightings, accomplishments, and dalliances …