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Paris Shares Her Lessons With Us All

Finally! Answers!: Larry King: “What is it about you, Paris, that everybody follows you around? Why you?” Paris: “I have no idea.”

Bringing gas back: Justin Timberlake keeps his backstage demands to a minimum, insisting only on Hershey bars and an unlimited supply of Beano.

What a dog: If Mitt Romney will strap his dog in its carrier on top of a car for a 12-hour drive, how can he be the leader of the free world?

Reunited: After two months apart, Prince Wills and his snore of a girlfriend Kate Middleton are back on.

Green on the scene : A New Hampshire poll shows that the Democratic leader is … Al Gore.

Naked truth: Fake author Laura Albert says she’s ready for her Playboy spread, and JT Leroy‘s ready for Playgirl.