The Shady Past of Hilton’s Shrink

BEFORE Sophy’s website early Wednesday

Paris Hilton‘s shrink needs a thorough examination.

First Dr. Charles Sophy got Hilton out of testifying in a $10 million slander suit against her by socialite Zeta Graff, arguing that Paris is too “emotionally distraught and traumatized” by her incarceration to testify. Then the Beverly Hills healer paid an unauthorized visit to Hilton in jail and somehow helped secure her release (albeit temporary) just three days into her 45-day sentence. How, exactly, he swayed L.A. County officials to go easy on the heiress (against judge’s orders) is a mystery many members of the media would like answered. Sophy, however, has stonewalled, and now Radar has discovered that the tight-lipped doc’s résumé and past ethical dealings are as shady as his persuasive legal hocus-pocus.

Until yesterday, for example, Sophy claimed on his website to hold an “Associate Clinical Professorship at the University of California, Los Angeles, Neuro-Psychiatric Institute.” He does not. According to well-placed sources at UCLA, he’s an unpaid volunteer clinical instructor—”an entry-level position at best,” the source tells Radar. “He cannot claim himself to be a professor here by any means.”

Sophy has yet to return Radar‘s messages seeking comment, but it seems our probing reached him. He changed his website late Wednesday. It now says he’s “a clinical instructor” at UCLA rather than a proper professor. [Before and after screen grabs after the jump.]

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