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Paris Hilton As You’ve Often Seen Her

EVERYTHING’S BETTER WITH COKE A friend of Hilton exclaims, “This is how you do blow, everybody!”

You might think that paying $208 per month wouldn’t be prohibitive to a scion of one of America’s richest hotel families. But you would be wrong. In 2005, community servant Paris Hilton failed to make several $208 payments on a storage facility that was subsequently seized.

The loot eventually found its way into the hands of Bardia Persa, who launched ParisExposed.com yesterday. If you’ve got $39.97 burning a hole in your pocket and an equally big hole in your soul, you might want to check out the fruits of his labor—a showcase of purloined videos, photos, and personal effects of the lazy-eyed layabout and her equally classy friends.

According to the Associated Press, “The items were sold to an unidentified buyer after a third party failed to make payments to the facility, and eventually wound up in the hands of a broker aiming to sell them…”

How unlucky for Paris. How lucky for you.

[Extremely NSFW images of nudity, drug use, and the smoking of tampons after the jump!]