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Paps vs. Personal Injury Lawyers: Who Buys Lohan Crash?

PAP SMEARED Did L-Lo mow down a photog? You decide

Even paparazzi agency heads say the wailing photog who flopped on the pavement claiming to be hit by a Lindsay Lohan-driven BMW is a faker. So who is buying the story? Bottom-feeding personal injury attorneys, of course! And Access Hollywood.

“Any driver in New York has to conform with the rules of the road, the most important of which is to see that which there is to be seen. Clearly, the photographer was there to be seen. And Ms. Lohan violated several rules and regulations in the operation of her vehicle,” says Andrew Finkelstein, managing partner with subway system-advertisers Jacoby & Meyers (1-877-JMLawyer). “Since those violations resulted in injury, he clearly has a viable claim.”

On the other hand, managers of paparazzi agencies—the go-getters constantly hunting for flashed crotches and shorn celebrity skulls—call foul.

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