There Goes Flailin’ Palin

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The continuing Dickensian nightmare that is Katie Couric‘s ongoing conversation with Sarah Palin pivoted to the abortion question last night. You’ve already heard about Palin’s inability to name another Supreme Court case, but nothing has quite accurately conveyed the desperation with which she attempts to fill the allotted space with empty oratory while she searches her uncooperative brain for anything that has a v. in the middle. (Here’s a hint for next time, which McCain campaign officials might have provided you with were they not so busy plotting ridiculous stunts and lying about Barack Obama: Kelo v. City of New London. All conservatives hate that one! It’s a gimme!) Anyway, if you can stand to see yet another example of Sarah Palin embarrassing herself, the candidate who chose her, the educational system of the United States of America, and her entire gender, press play. WARNING: You will have to sit through some Joe Biden first. But at least he knows his stuff.

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