Palin E-Mail Hacker Indicted


Uh-oh. Twenty-year-old David Kernell, the kid who allegedly “hacked” into Sarah Palin‘s Yahoo e-mail account by Googling the answers to her painfully obvious security questions, has officially been indicted. According to the indictment, Kernell, a college student and the son of a Democratic Memphis legislator, “intentionally and without authorization accessed a protected computer by means of an interstate communication and thereby obtained information, and did aid and abet in same.” He faces up to five years prison and a $250,000 fine if found guilty.

Kernell never found anything incriminating, but that doesn’t matter. “Cyber crime is the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority,” announced the FBI in a press release after the indictment. Kernell isn’t allowed to discuss the case with anyone, but he did ask the judge for special permission to talk to his girlfriend in South Carolina. The judge said they’d “work something out.”

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