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Palin Daughter’s Babydaddy: Some Dude Named Levi, Reports Enquirer


Make that 2-0 for David Perel. Fresh off his success with the John Edwards story, sources tell Radar that an aggressive 36-hour push by Perel’s National Enquirer reporting team forced Alaska Governor and John McCain’s vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to announce that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol is pregnant, an announcement which effectively puts an end to the Internet rumor that Palin had faked her own pregnancy to cover up her daughter’s. (Or does it? There are already conspiracy theories that this pregnancy is being faked to dispel the rumors that Trig, Palin’s four-month-old, is really Bristol’s child. Kinda crazy, right?) Radar has also learned that the father of Bristol’s child, as well as her soon-to-be-husband, is a 17-year-old hockey player named Levi Johnston.