Our Publicity Experts Hassle Hoff


Poor David Hasselhoff. Things were looking up! His autobiography, Making Waves, hits bookstores this summer, he is starring in The Producers in Vegas, and he has shown America that they do, indeed, got talent. Unfortunately, he also asked his 16-year old daughter to film him should he ever sink into an alcoholic, cheeseburger-devouring stupor. And he did. And she did. Then, his ex-wife released the vid, in what Hasselhoff told E! was a “malicious” act and the reason he now needs an “exorcism” in his divorce.

To try and salvage what’s left of the house of Hoff, we turned to our crisis PR experts—Matthew Traub of Dan Klores Communications and Shawn Sachs of Ken Sunshine Consultants, both of whom have dealt with some pretty heavy celeb damage control. Their first word of advice: Don’t, under any circumstances, talk to E! Whoops! David Hasselhoff, you’re in the PR/ER!

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