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O’Reilly Tries to Loofah Away Fox Stench


Bill O’Reilly got his falafels in a bunch last night over news that O.J. Simpson will explain precisely how he didn’t-but-might butcher his ex-wife and her friend—on a Fox prime-time special. Said the frequently flabbergasted superpundit:

“Here’s a man many believe did kill those two Americans, Nicole Brown Simpson being mother of his two children. Yet Simpson is participating in a project that is exploiting the murders. Shamefully, the Fox Broadcasting Unit is set to carry the program, which is simply indefensible, and a low point in American culture. For the record, Fox Broadcasting has nothing to do with the Fox News Channel.”

O’ really? That last part must have come as shocking news to O’Reilly’s boss, Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes, who also chairs Fox Television Stations, the group behind the forthcoming “low point in American culture.” The shared “Fox” moniker is no coincidence, either. Fox Broadcasting and the Fox News Channel are both owned by Australian overlord and News Corp. founder and chief Rupert Murdoch. And the Fox Broadcasting Corporation—the people who program prime time for the Fox network—regularly air Fox News-produced programming, from coverage of presidential speeches to O’Reilly’s special “documentaries” about people who hate children and Jesus.