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Oprah’s Great Escape

O TIME Oprah(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s hard out there for an empathetic billionaire—like TV’s top earner Oprah, who raked in a cool $260 million last year alone.

On that note, she has some inspiring words of wisdom for readers of her eponymous mag’s October issue: Take a month off! You deserve it. “I decided to give myself July,” Oprah writes. “Yes, the whole month—dedicated to myself, for myself. To regroup. Rejuvenate. Restore my soul.” (Yeah, that show on the O.J. book was pretty soul-crushing.)

If the missive, which runs on the back page of the autumnal Oprah, comes off as a little tone deaf, well too bad for all of you who didn’t top Forbes‘s latest rich list. In it Oprah describes how the past season of her show left her feeling a little drained: “I was so exhausted, I was numb.” And then she breaks into an envy-inducing ramble about the monthlong break she took from everything because, as she reminds us, “making the decision to look after yourself is the ultimate in healthcare.”

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