Only Naomi Mocks Naomi

Donut disturb: Surly supermodel Naomi Campbell skewers her own bad temper in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial.

Star booking: Lindsay Lohan sneaks off to the Beverly Hills Police Department and turns herself in for her May DUI. Mug shots to come.

Robin hoods?: A team of super-crooks has permanently borrowed more then $7 million in valuables from mansions in L.A.’s swankiest ‘hoods.

Art imitating strife: An overly kind casting director is in talks with Kate Beckinsale to star as Judy Miller in the Hollywood version of Plamegate.

Flavor of addiction: After drinking herself stupid on VH1, Brigitte Nielsen realizes what the world already knew and checks herself into rehab.

Playing politics: According to the Pentagon, Hillary Clinton, woman, “reinforces enemy propaganda” by talking about ending the Iraq war.

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