Psych Expert: Pregnant Smith Looked High on Opiates


One of the world’s foremost psychiatrists has trained his expert eye on the copyright-plagued tape, first described in detail by Radar, of a nine months pregnant and seemingly high Anna Nicole Smith.

Dr. Robert Cancro, chairman emeritus of New York University’s psychiatric department, confirms that Smith “looks very much like she’s under the influence of drugs” in the first and second of several clips in the video shot over two days at her Bahamian residence just days before she entered the hospital and gave birth to Dannielynn. “She has breast engorgement and the belly in some of the clips,” Cancro says. “It could be methadone that she was taking, or it could be heroin, but it looks like an opiate reaction. Obviously one could be mistaken, but it looks the way a person presents who is taking opiates. Her mood was very unstable. She was at times tearful and indicated she was very frightened and afraid of the pain.”

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