One Less Person Now Trying to Sue Joe Francis

BYGONES Ashely, Jo (inset)

Girls Gone Wild meatstick Joe Francis, owner of the Magical Mexican House that (Alleged) Rape Built, can rest a little easier this morning: Ashley Dupré, high-end hooker to former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, has decided to drop her $10 million lawsuit against him.

Dupré had sued Francis back in April after he started selling a video of her “doing a lot of hot lesbian acts” on his spring break tour bus. Except, predictably, she was only 17. Francis claimed she duped him with fake ID; Dupre claimed he plied her with free booze and thus never technically gave consent. But now Dupre just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. It’s time to “focus on the positive,” says her lawyer, adding that “she has prospects for many exciting new projects, and is looking forward to starting a new chapter.” Perhaps even a non-pornographic one!

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