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Sundance Swag Watch

NATURAL BORN GRIFTER Woody (Photo: Getty Images)

Sundance gave birth to eight style lounges this year, most within a half-mile of each other. After all, when you’re a B-list celebrity loading up on items you’ll likely regift, you don’t really want to have to walk far, right? Amid overt corporate branding and overstocked bars, these lounges played host to innumerable scenes of gifting excess. Radar caught some pros in action …

Woody Harrelson‘s love for swag is matched only by his ability to secure it. What’s even better is that he’s perfectly, charmingly open about it. When the actor dropped by the Film Lounge Media Center, he stopped by the Anne Klein Sport booth and in response to their offer of products, chirped “if it’s free, it’s for me,” and fled with a bag of goodies. The following day Harrelson loafed about at the MySpace café with a collection of bags that sang of a fruitful day at the gift bank.