OK! Goes with Old Spears Photo After Deciding the New Spears is Still Too Fat

TRIM FLASHBACK OK! cover, Glamour shoot (inset, 2003)

Doesn’t budding sitcom star Britney Spears look just fabulous on this week’s cover of OK! magazine! It’s like she’s back to her 22-year-old self—you know, before the stints in rehab and the gas station Cheetos binges and the drugs and the shady paparazzi boyfriend and the whole having kids thing. If this suddenly attractive again incarnation of Spears looks too good to be true, well, that’s cause it is: the Huffington Post reports that the picture OK! uses is actually from a shoot Spears did for Glamour’s “Women of the Year” issue … in 2003.

Evidently, the “miracle food that sheds weight fast” doesn’t work fast enough for downmarket tabloids.

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