OJ’s Book Cash Will Make A Nice Mantel Piece


If I spend it: Five days after being told he can keep his $1 million dollar book advance, O.J. Simpson has now been told that he can’t spend it.

No jet for you: Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want just any dumpy jet to fly around in. She has requested a military 757, sending GOPers into a tailspin.

And he should be 20: A 50-year-old University of Massachusetts student is suing the school over his grade in a philosophy course, insisting that the C he got should have been an A-minus.

iPods, a bigger danger to pedestrians than cabs: The state legislature is banning the use of cell phones and iPods while crossing the street in New York. The penalty for violation is death by yellow cab.

Schadenfreude TV: The judge in the Phil Spector case is leaning toward allowing the trial to be televised.

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