Officer O'Neal, Reporting for Duty


In this week’s Time magazine, the most famous sheriff’s deputy in Bedford Country, Virginia, Shaquille O’Neal, talks to writer Sean Gregory about his latest crime fighting efforts:

Time: It was reported last week that you were present, as a reserve Bedford County, Va., sheriff’s deputy, at a police raid of an alleged child pornographer’s home. But the police went to the wrong house, and the man has filed a complaint, saying he was “scared beyond description.” What happened?

Shaq: Because I was there, everybody wants to make a big story about it. It ain’t no story. We did everything right, went to the judge, got a warrant. You know, they make it seem like we beat him up, and that never happened. We went in, talked to him, took some stuff, returned it—bada bam, bada bing.

If that sounds glib, it’s definitely not meant that way. O’Neal continues, “I want to be sheriff. I know I can run for sheriff and win because I’m Shaq. But if I win just because I’m Shaq, then my troops won’t respect me. But if my troops know I went to the police academy and I go out on warrants and do paperwork, then they’ll understand that I’m serious, that I’m really the man.”

So, is Shaq the man? Let’s look at his record:

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