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Obama’s Leopard-Beating Stick

STATE INTERESTS Alaska RNC Delegate Pat Fink (Photo: Getty Images)

Here’s everything you need to know to start your day: a roundup of the roundups!

NY1’s In the Papers: This morning, local anchor and Canadian expat Pat Kiernan is wearing a brilliant, violently pink tie with white diagonal stripes. It is BANANAS. It is like, SUPER-PINK! The suit itself is a slightly blue-ish gray, less dark than yesterday’s gray, and the shirt is fairly bright blue, but, but this tie! What can explain it? From behind his tie, Pat expresses surprise that Barack Obama‘s new talking point is touting his campaign-running experience as executive management experience. (That is kinda funny.) And he notes that Bristol Palin is “holding her little brother” in the same way in every shot in the tabloids—in a way that obscures her swollen belly. He hits new Google browser Chrome: “It is pretty and it uses memory better.” He is a “little burned out” on the teen Palin pregnancy story—but he was tickled by the headline “from Juno to Juneau.” Also there are “three obituaries of note” in the Times: Ike Pappas, the CBS newsman, shoeman Thomas Bata and, of course, our old pal Don LaFontaine. “I don’t read Newsday as much anymore,” says Pat. But he still loves their TV critic Verne Gay. Ooh, it’s Wednesday! So he hits the Voice, which is covering those annoying canvassers who stop you on the street for donations: Pat certainly has a minute for the environment but “not at that moment.” And the New York Observer, which covers how hard it is for bloggers to get seats during fashion week: “I don’t even get invited even after all these years of talking about the fashion industry,” says Pat. That is sad.