Poll Position: Be Very Afraid

NOW I GOT WORRY Obama (Photo: Getty Images)

Oh no! The polls! They suddenly don’t look good for Barack Obama! But does it really matter at this point? Should the campaign—and its supporters—start to panic? We checked in with two Democratic strategists who have different opinions on the situation. Here’s the case for pessimism. You can find the case for optimism here.

The jobless rate is up, home sales are down, and the Democrats have an appealing, history-making nominee. So that rash of McCain red, spreading like measles over the RealClearPolitics.com polling chart, is nothing to worry about—a temporary Republican sugar high, right?

Not so fast. Yes, this year’s trends should favor the Democrats, with a poor economy and an unpopular Republican president. But we can’t ignore how much the underlying landscape always favors the Republicans.

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