Obama in Gay Gospel Flap

GAY JAM Obama(Getty Images)

Fanning gay flames: Barack Obama holds a concert in South Carolina, which features well known pray-the-gay-away gospel artist Donnie McClurkin. Says one gay Obama supporter: “He’s screwed if he goes through with the trip with Donnie McClurkin…. But he’s also screwed in South Carolina if he dumps McClurkin.”

KP4C: Kevin Powell, pioneer reality show casualty, the one MTV cast in the “angry black guy” slot for The Real World, is running for Congress in Brooklyn as a Democrat. Won’t you start a blog for him?

Big mecin’: James Lipton, host of Inside the Actors’ Studio, says he once worked as a mec, or pimp, in Paris to make ends meet when he was penniless young man.

Daily Colbert update: Stephen Colbert finishes ahead of Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel in a recent national Democratic primary poll. His platform of “truthiness” commands the support of a legit 2.3 percent.

Bolly-who?: Vogue India launches with a trio of Bollywood stars, a pair of Indian supermodels, and—because this qualifies as “diversity” at Vogue—a random blonde Aussie gal.

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