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Spencer Pratt vs. The Pillsbury Doughboy

Coke vs. Pepsi. Kennedy vs. Castro. Heidi vs. L.C. Epic yet minor rifts when compared to the timeless power struggle between New York and Los Angeles. In the name of settling this battle royale, each week Radar will take stock and determine which city truly holds the competitive edge.

This week: The sons and daughters of our two great cities braved clogged freeways and the indignities of airport security, slinking back to their neglected families and provincial hometowns, but L.A. and NYC kept on keeping on.

L.A: By 5pm the day before Thanksgiving, traffic across Southern California has nearly reached a standstill.
NYC: Macy’s annual Thanksgiving day parade clogs midtown with tourists, eager for the chance to ooh and ahh at the event’s happy balloon advertisements, like a helium-filled Ronald McDonald and a slightly baked looking Pillsbury Doughboy.
Advantage: NYC