Ashley Dupré, We Hardly Screwed Ye


Coke vs. Pepsi. Kennedy vs. Castro. Heidi vs. L.C. Epic yet minor rifts when compared to the timeless power struggle between New York and Los Angeles. In the name of settling this battle royale, each week Radar will take stock and determine which city truly holds the competitive edge.

This week: New York’s most celebrated tart succumbs to the siren song of Los Angeles. Who will take her place? Does she know the indignities brunettes face out west?

L.A.: Pursuing her dream of reality television stardom, Spitzer courtesan and Waverly Inn regular Ashley Dupré takes leave for the West Coast. Farewell, gently lady.
NYC: Cynthia Rodriguez, estranged wife of Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, also skipped town, staying, for a moment, holed up in Paris with rocker—and friend to jilted ladies everywhere—Lenny Kravitz.
Advantage: NYC

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