Obama Girl Fails Us All


As the southern-most meat in our American sandwich was pummeled by hurricanes, the political primaries heated up on both coasts, and both Los Angelenos and New Yorkers showed their true colors:

NYC: Obama Girl didn’t vote, but she did go to a politics-themed Svedka-sponsored after-party in Manhattan. “Typical party girl,” detractors on her website sneered. Michelle Obama revealed that the democracy-averse temptress not only didn’t vote, her writings prompted the couple’s six-year-old daughter to question the sanctity of their marriage, asking: “Daddy, you have mommy, right?”
L.A.: California’s democratic primary goes to Hillary Clinton. Never mind claims that voting machines were missing from certain L.A. polling stations, Perez Hilton will be expecting his thank you note.
Advantage: L.A.

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