The Naked and the Norman Mailer

MAILER DELIVERED Norman (Photo: Getty Images)

In memoriam: Norman Mailer—Pulitzer prize-winning author and one of the defining voices of the post-WW2 generation—died Saturday at 84.

Harry’s balls: Prince Harry is dumped by his girlfriend Chelsy Davy after missing her birthday for the Rugby World Cup Final—and perhaps one too many vodka-snorting incidents.

Child labor: Striking writers will bring their kids to the picket line today, cashing in on the perks of the school-less Veterans Day. Next on the calendar: Bring-A-Star Tuesday.

Nacho regular debate: Leading GOP candidates have agreed to participate in a Spanish-language debate on Univision. L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa‘s former mistress, Mirthala Salinas will likely be reporting backstage.

Hil dips: New polls suggest the double-teaming effort by Barack Obama and John Edwards is narrowing Hillary Clinton‘s New Hampshire lead.

Google World: Google is in secret talks with American Idol creator Simon Fuller about tackling the television market. As if you weren’t already watching all your favorite TV shows on YouTube.

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