No One Remembers Sarah Palin

• Headline of the day! Sarah Palin‘s college years left no lasting impression.” It’s about her college years but it’s sort of like it dropped in from late 2009.
Barack Obama is actually suspending his campaigning for 36 hours to spend a day with his ailing grandmother.
Superb news! “CW, which runs Gossip Girl, about Upper East Side private school students, says the show’s plot will continue to be as soaked with Wall Street money as ever.”
• You know what’s really wrong with America’s economy? “Only half of the high school students in the nation’s 50 largest cities are graduating in four years.”
• For your lazy late-morning, second-coffee read: Didn’t notice it until we hit the print edition last night, but there’s actually a great piece on New York’s bankers in New York this week.

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