No Free Drinks at Downtown De Niro Hotel


There was a rumor swirling around that guests of Robert De Niro’s brand-new, highly anticipated Greenwich Hotel would be treated to the greatest of all hotel-related perks: unfettered minibar access. Oh, the warm feeling one would get from quaffing tiny bottles of free booze in the house Meet the Fockers built! Now that the swank digs have opened, however, a hotel rep clarifies the minibar policy, and it ain’t pretty: While snacks and nonalcoholic drinks come gratis in your $750-a-night standard room, booze does not.

It’s unclear whether you get to drink for free if you shell out $1350 for a suite—a hotel rep could not be reached for comment. You can, however, get your hometown newspaper delivered to your front door, which is almost as good.

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