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No Dinner for al-Maliki


Regrets: President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister (as of press time) Nuri al-Maliki are postponing their dinner, both citing big lunches. And, um, schedule changes. Also, the cancellation probably has nothing to do with the recently leaked confidential memo for the president that said al-Maliki couldn’t put an end to his country’s civil war. Yes, civil war.

We’re not the only ones who call it that: Former secretary of state and WMD intelligence fluffer Colin Powell said the violence in Iraq could be considered a civil war during an appearance in Dubai, so there.

Snoop Dogg, you’ve just been busted again: What will you do now? How about appear on the cover of a Christmas-theme issue of Rolling Stone that calls you “America’s Most Lovable Pimp” yet woefully neglects to use the phrase “Ho, ho, ho”? (Also, nice Esquire—or maybe Sports Illustrated—homage, RS art department.)

It’s that time of year again: The Sundance Film Festival lineup has been announced.

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