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Two Girls, One Craptastic Show

Coke vs. Pepsi. Kennedy vs. Castro. Heidi vs. L.C. Epic yet minor rifts when compared to the timeless power struggle between New York and Los Angeles. In the name of settling this battle royale, each week Radar will take stock and determine which city truly holds the competitive edge.

This week: The stunning denouement on this week’s episode of The Hills seemed to be the perfect metaphor for the conflict between New York and Los Angeles. Did Justin Bobby‘s betrayal of Audrina represent a shift in the coastal power balance? Could L.A.’s fragile (but impeccably well-groomed) hold on the American zeitgeist be slipping away, much like a certain disinterested, double-monikered bad boy motorcycling off into an endless and unfathomable night? We turned to the world’s foremost Hills expert, New York Observer reporter (and former Radar intern!) Doree Shafrir, for answers.