Fancy New Times Building Has Everything But Heat

Is a cold reporter a motivated reporter? The powers that be at the New York Times will soon find out, if this memo from Executive Editor Bill Keller is any indication:


From: Bill Keller/NYT/NYTIMES

Subject: [NYT Newsroom] Baby, it’s cold inside….


Yes, we know. Some areas of the newsroom are uncomfortably cold. We raised this with the building services people Sunday when the temperature dropped, and they are on the case. Basically, cold air is leaking into the podium side of the building through the open loading dock and elevator shafts. I’m told short-term fixes — mainly additional ceiling insulation — should provide some relief by next week. More comprehensive fixes will take longer, but are in the works.

Representatives from building services will be on hand for the Throw Stuff sessions on Thursday, in case any of you have further questions.


How cold is it? Maureen Dowd just decided that men really are necessary after all! It’s cold! Ba-dump-bump.

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