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Times: We Like the Boom, Congdon

VA-VA-BOOM Congdon

In today’s New York Times, Virginia Heffernan looks at Amanda “Rocketboom” Congdon‘s first day at Heffernan, the paper’s in-house Web media evangelist-cum-critic (she was an early lonelygirl15 obsessive), clearly has a soft spot for Congdon and her playful news blips as these key words in her review attest:

• comely
• “a droll, blond Rosalind Russell for the digital generation”
• “[ABC’s] groovy young girlfriend”
• “a decently far cry from Barbara Walters”
• “she’s too cool for almost everything, and good for her”
• “smart and pretty at the same time”

Think we’re cherry-picking? Check out these descriptions of Congdon from Heffernan’s Screens blog:
• “sunkissed Internet star”
• “tennis-camp popular-girl equipoise”
• “it’s pretty impressive”

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