City of Angels Bows Before NYC

Coke vs. Pepsi. Kennedy vs. Castro. Heidi vs. L.C. Epic yet minor rifts when compared to the timeless power struggle between New York and Los Angeles. In the name of settling this battle royale, each week Radar will take stock and determine which city truly holds the competitive edge.

This week: When did these two glorious centers of commerce and culture become so thin-skinned? So mired in bitchery?

L.A.: Stopping in SoCal, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney blasts opponent Rudy Giuliani for making New York City a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens.
NYC: Giuliani, for his part, becomes an unlikely figure in deposed publisher Judith Regan‘s latest debacle. She claims Murdoch cronies pressured her into hiding her affair with ex-NYC top cop Bernard B. Kerik from federal prosecutors in order to protect Rudy’s “presidential ambitions.”
Advantage: NYC

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