Neil Strauss On Semen Stains, Emotionally Needy Chicks

HAIL, GURU Strauss(Photo: Getty Images)

Tuesday night at a Barnes & Noble in Chelsea, nearly 200 members of the “seduction community” turned out to hear bald-headed The Game author and scoring artist (he goes by “Style” in the field) Neil Strauss answer one question: What’s the best way to bang some hotties?

Strauss was on hand to promote his new latest tome, a follow-up to The Game titled The Rules of the Game. Rules is actually a two book package: The first book teaches the reader how to master the Game in 30 days. The second chronicles the sexual exploits of self-avowed Game master Strauss. He read for the crowd a slightly risqué-for-B&N excerpt of book two; it seems this one time, Style was sucking on sexagenarian titty, only to discover that the object of his seduction was sporting a colostomy bag! How offensively hilarious!

A lingering scent of Drakkar Noir cried out for Radar to take a closer look. Luckily, we were packing our hulking Nikon D200 phallus to document it all!

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