National Underwear Day!

NOTHING THONG WITH THAT! Model, Hearst and friend (inset)

Tuesday was National Underwear Day, don’t ya’ know! Really. And thanks to online underwear vendor, there was a National Underwear Day fashion show to help us celebrate and everything. Lydia Hearst and Tyson Beckford did their part by hosting the event, which was chock full of some 50 shapely models in lacy finery, with men in tiny briefs posing beside bug-eyed socialites and parades of near-nude missies jiggling and jiving down the runway—some in boxing gloves even, though we didn’t quite know what that was supposed to mean!

A pair of Radar‘s trusty interns were in attendance, eager to find out what some of the bulge- and boobie-starers had to say about the occasion—and to inquire which stars attendees might also like to see stripped almost-bare:

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