The Refined “Exxon-John” Argument

Happy days, finally, for those of us guilty of taking a taxi four blocks to catch a helicopter to JFK and leaving our multiple air-conditioners running for the week we’re away on vacation—it’s Exxon-McCain ’08 Day, a day in which John McCain is singled out for the close-knit relationship between D.C. and Big Oil—in effect, absolving us from any blame over our country’s energy woes. (Obama may have a similar problem?) The Democrats even rolled out this charming video accompaniment, “Exxon John.” The gist: A Merle Haggard sort lets forth in hillbilly couplets on the many ways John McCain prefers Big Oil to us everyday Americans. There’s also a day of activism planned: “From Maine to Montana, New Mexico to New Jersey, Exxon-McCain ’08 events will highlight John McCain’s promise of $4 billion in new giveaways for oil companies already enjoying record profits and a gas tax gimmick that will line their pockets even more,” says the press release. Happy protestin’!

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