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Natalie Cole Hates On Amy Winehouse

THAT’S COLE-D Cole, Winehouse (inset) (Photo: Getty Images)

Natalie, the Naysayer: Ms. Cole says bee-hived songbird Amy Winehouse doesn’t deserve her Grammies because of her errant behavior. We don’t all have a famous daddy’s coattails to ride, Na-Na.

Back to work: Michelle Williams was filming in Soho today, just three Manhattan blocks from where her ex-fiance Heath Ledger OD’d on prescription drugs.

Deserted in the desert: A letter from Al Qaeda leaders show signs of stress among its jihadist soldiers. This comes on the same day that six men are charged in connection with 9/11.

Cantankerous Castro: Cuban leader Fidel Castro says Republican candidate John McCain‘s comments about “a couple of Cubans” torturing McCain’s fellow captives during the Vietnam War are “unethical.” McCain politely states that to respond to Castro would be beneath him.

Zen and the art of orgasm-cycle maintenance: You had us at “orgasm orchestra.”