Anthem Rockers: Don’t Play Me, Bro


Ever since The Boss had to ask the now-deified Ronald Reagan to stop blasting his “Born in the USA” mega-anthem at campaign rallies in ’84, left-leaning rockers have taken it upon themselves to remove their songs from the playlists of stumping pols. Something about their creative juices being used to get Fascists dictators elected, or something. And judging from a spate of stories making headlines recently, the trend that started with denim-draped flag-humper Bruce Springsteen is still alive and well on the campaign trail in ’08.

First midwestern God John Mellencamp—who doesn’t mind Chevy using his jams to remind you, constantly, that “this is our country”—asked John McCain to stop using his songs on the trail. Now Boston mastermind (if you can really consider any picker from Boston a mastermind) Tom Scholz has asked Mike Huckabee to stop using the song that was playing when you were conceived, “More Than a Feeling.”

But what other candidates have had their soundtrack cut short?

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