Gaddafi Brat Beat-down Sparks Diplomatic Showdown


It seems like Libyan Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s son Hannibal really enjoyed his little jaunts to Paris during his business school days a few years back. Who wouldn’t enjoy a refreshing 90 mph drunk drive in a Porsche going the wrong way and against red lights down the Champs Elysees? That French authorities were too scared to do anything to him for fear of upsetting his bat-shit crazy dad must have made the moment all the more transcendent. The same likely applies to the time young Hannibal got away with beating up a model, brandishing a 9mm pistol in front of responding Paris cops, and then destroying his hotel room in a furious rage. Ah, business school.

The Swiss authorities were ostensibly not as scared of upsetting big daddy insane when they arrested Hannibal and his pregnant wife last week on charges of badly beating two of their domestic servants in Geneva. Surprising no one but the Swiss maybe, the Libyan dictator is already well into the process of cranking this into a full-blown international incident.

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