‘Mosque’-See TV Hits Canada

BIG IN CANADA Little Mosque‘s Carlo Rota and Sitara Hewitt

Last month we took a look at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s newest sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie, whose producers hoped to find heartwarming and hilarious moments in the culture clash of Muslims living in rural Canada. It’s like Perfect Strangers meets Green Acres!

And according to today’s New York Times, it’s a big fat hit as well. The Times‘s Toronto Journal reports that the show’s premiere was watched by 2.09 million viewers, making it the biggest CBC hit in a decade. More importantly, the show was well received among Canadian Muslims. “Muslims are a bit late in laughing at themselves, but we have to use humor to remedy these divisions, just like any community,” Mohamed Elmasry, an imam and president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, told the Times‘s Christopher Mason.

[More after the jump, including a breakdown of some upcoming episodes via the Little Mosque on the Prairie press kit!]

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