Sensitive Morning Shows Blast ‘Fat Britney’

WHAT’S EATING BRITNEY Spears (Photo: Getty Images)

So you’ve probably seen the “age progression” images making the rounds, showing what Britney Spears could look like in 10 and 20 years if she continues her current fast-food-heavy lifestyle. Well, the morning news shows, namely Fox News and that Mike and Juliet gabfest, had a field day with the pics.

In segments on both shows, the anchors encouraged Brit Brit to clean up her convenience store diet to avoid looking like a scary non-celebrity at some distant point in the future. Their reactions were basically Ew! and, She needs to, like, totally cut out carbs and caffeine. Still other outlets have been yelping that Britney might be pregnant again, unless that is, she just has a jelly belly brought on by her recent attempts to get clean.

Well, thankfully, some people are calling bullshit.

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