More Voters Than Ever Still Not That Many


The second biggest story coming out of New Hampshire behind Hillary Clinton‘s new position as the teary comeback kid last night was the record turnout at the polls. Five-hundred thousand, or just over 60 percent of the state’s registered voters, weighed in on the primary—a number that had politicos and pundits foaming at the mouth. In an effort to temper that excitement, though, we remind you that 60 percent may be a record in New Hampshire, and it may tower over the 48 percent average turnout in U.S. general elections since 1945, but placed next to turnout in presidential elections around the world, 60 percent is Dennis Kucinich small. In fact, if America averaged 60 percent in presidential elections it would rank 111th in average turnout, placing us squarely between Lithuania and St. Lucia. That’s good company.

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