Please Welcome New Staffer Moe Tkacik


It’s our incredible good fortune to announce that Moe “Maureen” Tkacik, lately of ladysite Jezebel, will be joining as Senior Writer on August 18th. As Radar Editor in Chief Maer Roshan noted in an e-mail to the staff, Moe will “bring her unique style and voice to a wide variety of topics from entertainment to politics, business and economy to world affairs. I’m confident that her strong reporting experience and her uncanny ability to analyze trends and events will allow the site to offer a broader perspective on pop, politics, scandal, and style.” As I’m noting right now, it will be thrilling to welcome a great writer with a singular brand of analysis who will somehow make my own drinking seem moderate. I’m very excited about this, as those of you who read this site should also be.

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