Mary-Kate Addicted to Precociousness, Coffee

MINI-MOGUL Olsen Nylon cover

The always plucky Mary-Kate Olsen spoke to Nylon for their December issue while promoting the non-tween clothing company, The Row, she shares with sister Ashley (like, Lauren Hutton wears it, not Miley Cyrus). Olsen’s interview is the typical stuff of celeb profiles: she’s totally normal; she doesn’t get why you’re obsessed with her; she wants to be taken seriously for making out with Ben Kingsley onscreen; blahblahblah. Except, she’s clearly not living a normal life at all.

Says the 21-year-old wonder twin who dreams of collecting Basquiats but claims she—sigh—is not rich enough: “Everything I do has to be visually appealing to me. Like when my friend was going away recently I wanted to throw him a surprise party so I filled my entire back yard with Persian rugs, and feather trees, and I put little flowers, deep red roses—black magic roses—all over the grass. Then I put these trees up and birdcages and scattered vintage Playboys on the rugs.”

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