Mitt Romney Unplugged, Unglued

Romnoscopy: A conservative radio-show host in Iowa does a mildly inquisitive interview with ’08 candidate and Mormon Mitt Romney, who handles questions about his religion calmly until they go to commercial break. The in-studio camera captures the real Romno. His camp replies when the video hits the Web. Spin ensues. (Video heats up at 9:10.)

Lad down!: Dennis publishing is folding lad-mag Stuff as its own magazine and turning it into a section in its bigger brother Maxim.

Never learned to share: Marilyn Manson’s ex-keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy sues the shock-rocker for $20 million, claiming Manson used money that was supposed to be shared to indulge himself in the skeleton of a four-year-old Chinese girl and Nazi paraphernalia.

Mon Dieu: French President Nicolas Sarkozy gets a taste of American paparazzi while on vacation in New Hampshire and jumps on the phtographers’ boat to scold them.

Loaded six pack on his back: Aging rocker Jon Bon Jovi‘s war against energy drink Mijovi backfires as his potential lawsuit increases sales and spawns a new cocktail called the Angry Rocker.

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