Mitt Romney Hates Weed, the Disabled

Harshing Mitt’s mellow: Politbot Mitt Romney clumsily dodges a muscular dystrophy sufferer in a wheelchair who asks the ’08 candidate if he’d have him arrested for the use of medical marijuana.

Mahmoud swing: In a rare shift in momentum, 100 students really go for it at a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech in Iran, chanting “death to dictator.”

Colon cancer blow-out: The Osbournes auction off the contents of three homes to benefit, in part, Sharon‘s Colon Cancer charity. Sayeth the Ozzman: “I don’t know why we are selling everything as I want it all.”

Post production: 66 stars who blog.

Britney’s sex tapes coming soon: Britney Spears was robbed over the weekend, and burglars allegedly took sex tapes and explicit photos.

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