‘King of the Mindf**ck’ Gets a Life Coach


Back in December, we told you that Condé Nast insiders were confidently predicting the downfall of Mitchell Fox, a top executive in charge of Women’s Wear Daily, W, Golf Digest, and a battery of other magazines.

They, and we, were wrong, sort of. Fox still has his job, but with a fat new golden string attached: He is now attending one-on-one counseling sessions to rid him of the behavioral tics that caused one underling to label him “the king of the mindfuck.”

Condé Nast insiders say Fox has been meeting with a “wildly expensive” career coach who has helped other top executives, including CEO Chuck Townsend and corporate sales chieftain Richard Beckman, refine their management styles. (And when the people who publish Vogue and Vanity Fair tell you something is “wildly expensive,” they know whereof they speak.)

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