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Mission Accomplished, Doctored

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Mission forgotten: Those hacker webmasters at the White House have created a little archival surprise. The May 2003 speech, in which a jubilant President George pronounces the Iraqi freedom-fight over, still happened, but now, thanks to some creative doctoring, only sort of.

Malarkey in Albuquerque: In the New Mexico precinct of 2,400 registered voters, Dem. Mary Herrera has only supplied the area with 150 ballots. “And apparently this Republican-heavy precinct had no provisional ballots available for the voters to use … a violation of federal election law.” Pff—voting, schmoting—this cute li’l ragamuffin has her own secretary of state race to worry about.

As the First Amendment burns: Senator Conrad Burns didn’t believe a USA Today/Gallup poll that showed him lagging behind his Democratic challenger. The obvious reaction: revoke the newspaper’s credentials to cover his election night event.