Out-of-work Hollywood Takes to Craigslist

  • Taken from Hollywood insiders’ newest friendly forum, Craigslist’s Missed Connections: “Nerdy, Neurotic Writer Picketing Outside the Studio! “Hi! You were the neurotic, quiet and nerdy writer picketing outside the studio this morning! Did you write that sign yourself? That was so clever. I was the Big, Bad Studio Monster that paid you exorbitant amounts of money up front, then denied you a piece of the back end. Then I ignored all your requests to negotiate and tried to bully you into a deal! Can we kiss and make up? Please? I think we can work some magic together if we both just put our egos aside. Who cares about the Below the Line people? We’re above it for a REASON!!!” Does such a posting somehow constitute crossing the picket line? [Deadlinehollywooddaily]

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