Miss Bimbo Offers Digital Ditz for Daft Tweens


Miss Bimbo, a new online game in the UK that challenges teen and tween players to get breast implants and a billionaire boyfriend for ditzy avatars, is either the best lesson in irony since Anna Nicole Smith picked up a book that one time or the virtual path to a life of sin and whoring. Either way: totez fun!

The game, which also requires players to maintain their characters’ weights with pills and crash diets, is already wildly popular with about 200,000 players, mostly girls ages nine to 16. And Joe Francis. A spokesman for a UK parents’ rights group Parentkind has fallen into place in the game’s marketing plan, publicly declaring it “daft and pathetic” and adding, “Children’s innocence should be protected as far as possible. It depends on the background and mindset of the child but the danger is that after playing the game some will then aspire to have breast operations and take diet pills.”

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