Disney Sex Tape Hits Web

HORN DOG Goofy humps Minnie, Chip

Amateur plushy porn featuring the world’s most famous mouse and his pals has found its way to the Internet … again.

Video of a furry, bisexual, incestuous, interspecies orgy at EuroDisney was quickly taken down after being posted to YouTube yesterday, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail (via Defamer). In it, Minnie is the pivot mouse in a furry three-way with Goofy and a giant snowman. Goofy gets similarly freaky with a pair of nut-gobbling chipmunks.

Not to be outdone, the Chairman of the Board, Mickey Mouse himself, gets frosty, sloppy seconds from the snowy stud. Thought to be shot on a hidden camera, a French voice can be heard announcing “Disneyland à l’arriére plan, il fait chaud!

Translation: “Disneyland backstage, it’s hot!”

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